Jessa Coleman to Speak at Council of Development Finance Agencies’ Intro to Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing Webcourse, April 22-23

Jessa Coleman will be an expert panelist for the Council of Development Finance Agencies’ (CDFA) webcourse Intro to PACE Financing. During this two-day webcourse, participants will have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders as they explore the process of creating, operating, and maintaining a community-based PACE program. Specific topics in this comprehensive course include how PACE works, how residential (R-PACE) and commercial (C-PACE) financing differ, how to find potential lenders and investors, and many more. This course qualifies as a CDFA Training Institute Development Finance Certified Professional Program, whereupon the webcourse participant can attain certification from CDFA signaling that they are knowledgeable in development finance.

Jessa Coleman will be a panelist on the Thursday segment, PACE Program Management, between 12:45 and 2:45 PM EST. She is joined by Andy Holzhauser, Partner at Donovan Energy; CEO of Lean & Green Michigan, LLC, Bali Kumar Esq.; and Jason Stringer, Director of Clean Energy Finance at Slipstream/PACE Wisconsin. Collectively, they will share expert insight into creating, managing, and maintaining a C-PACE program, developed over years of experience. As the senior manager of PACE Financial Servicing, Ms. Coleman brings valuable insight from her experience designing or administering C-PACE programs in Alaska, Maryland, Oklahoma, Virginia, and more. Collectively, these panelists will share detailed directions on implementing C-PACE programs including describing administrative needs, marketing strategies, contractor certification, and more.

This online course is made possible through a collaboration between CDFA and PACENation. PACE is a natural tool for improving community resilience, as it provides jobs, injects private capital into the building sector, saves energy, improves the environment, and is attractive to new business development (PACENation). However, despite its advantages, PACE programs are not always easy to stand up, maintain, or market. The tools to address these issues will be disseminated in Intro to Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing, where industry-leading innovators and administrators in PACE financing will educate stakeholders in the nuances and tips of creating long-lasting, profitable PACE partnerships.

This webcourse is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in PACE financing, whether they be capital providers, commercial property owners, legislators, or other stakeholders, to learn from industry experts and investigate PACE opportunities. Register now!