Hear why organizations choose to work with PACE Financial Servicing

“Genevieve provided her extensive experience with the complex statutory provisions that govern special assessment billing, collections and enforcement. In the end we were very pleased with the Program Guidelines and the team proved to be a true asset in the process. They were a pleasure to work with and demonstrated a high level of collaboration in developing our C-PACE Program Guidelines.”

Holly Edinger

Sustainable Energy Fund

“As program administrator, PFS has helped us to determine the eligibility of potential C-PACE applicants and work through sometimes complicated application points, such as property ownership structure. PFS operates with integrity and a dedication to market success. The team at PFS is highly responsive and provides clear, concise answers to project inquiries. They go out of their way to ease the burden of doing business with the MD-PACE program, coordinating between Recurrent and local government as needed.”

Keith Derrington

Recurrent Innovative Solutions, LLC

“It is a pleasure to work with PACE Financial Servicing. The organization is a motivated partner when it comes to incentivizing investment in the county. I have found that PACE Financial Servicing always operates with integrity and with the best interests of the county at heart. I urge you once again to seriously consider PACE Financial Servicing for the role of program administrator.”

Jamie L. Williams

The County Commissioners of Kent County